It’s easy to confuse dieting & being thin with great health – but what if that isn’t true? I joined the Ditch Diet Culture Book Club out of curiosity – but also because of my passion for food & healthy eating, & my personal work with clients dealing with food sensitivities. At the same time, I was aware that such obsessions with food – as necessary as it might be, is, in the end, no different from dieting – both of which can easily lead to disordered eating & being very persnickety around food choices. This is exactly what this Book Club aims to dismantle! After reading the very smart selection of books that Joanne has come up with, I’ve been learning to relax around food, obsess less & enjoy more! The Ditch Diet Culture Book Club is a great way to challenge your beliefs & perceptions in a supportive, open-minded environment.-KK

I am so happy I found the Ditch Diet Culture Book Club. It is a wonderful place to discuss topics that help me reinforce healthy eating habits and banish the dieting mentality from my thinking. Even though I have known intuitively the detrimental effects of dieting, our culture continues to reward thinness and dieting and blame and shame those who don’t buy into this behavior. I have learned a lot and had the pleasure of reading some interesting and wise authors on this topic. But most of all, it is wonderful to meet other supportive people who can share their stories, ideas and resources for reinforcing healthy living!”  -JP


“Joanne has a gift for seeing and understanding an individual’s needs regarding life purpose and goals. She is amazingly supportive when you find yourself in a shame spiral due to your own or others’ expectations around your body and food. Worrying about weight — what a waste of time, energy, and mental space!  Joanne helped me see the underlying reason I was debating whether to go to a networking event. Deep down, it was about how I felt about myself at that moment, following some recent weight gain. She gave me just the right amount of encouragement to go—nothing pushy. This boosted my confidence. The phrase “Hey, it’s okay, Joanne’s got my back here!” came to mind several times as I was getting ready and making my way to that event. And it turned out to be a blast! She helped me know better how to stop my focus from drifting away from my real priorities and my soul mission on this earth.”HBR

“Joanne’s approach is gentle and knowledgeable, and she offers support and strategies for my daily life and future goals. Joanne’s care and counsel encourage me to be kinder to myself and to have a more centered relationship with food. I feel lucky to have her help. I am so grateful to Joanne for the wisdom, compassion and insightfulness she brings to our talk sessions. Joanne knows how to strike just the right balance between listening and probing, as she guides me towards a healthier relationship with food and my body. In addition to providing tangible tools (from recipes to mindfulness/slow eating tips), Joanne has given me valuable skills in learning how to listen to both my heart and my head. Her work is driven by the notion of acceptance, and this principle/practice has been key in allowing me to know myself better, and acknowledge challenges without the usual judgement that can hold me back. Joanne has really helped shift my perspective to a place of greater kindness and connection with all.” -KS

“It was exciting to find someone who could help me manage my food sensitivity challenges and limited diet. I had no idea how much these food challenges were tied into all aspects of my personal life. Joanne helped me to feel more confident in my choices and taught me techniques to manage my diet. It’s fantastic how she holds space for you.” MS

“Before working with Joanne, I didn’t take much time at all to talk through my body image issues, or food-related wants and needs. We started talking while I was pregnant and had a lot of conversations after, which helped me come to a better understanding of the power and amazingness of my body and its functions. I really appreciate how Joanne listens and provides useful opportunities for small change. Thank you.” -SLN

“Since we started working together, I am more at peace with myself – my body, my food choices and pace of life. My family has benefitted from my deeper understanding of food, mindset and metabolism, as we slow down, sit together and enjoy the experience of a meal. I am kinder to myself as I take time to enjoy activities that nourish me, such as reading, walking and working on puzzles. It is so worth the time and energy to learn to take care of yourself.” -MM