Program features:
“Who You Are As An Eater” Intake Session (90 minutes): Thorough intake of issues that may be affecting your eating challenges, including work, family, relationships and your environment, as well as issues specific to food and eating, so that you can begin to identify the factors that keep you from having a relaxed relationship with food.✔️
Eleven Additional 1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)Personalized support to transform your relationship with food and your body, so that you can relax when you eat, let go of the quest for the perfect diet and body, be free of the eat/guilt/shame pendulum, and begin living from a place of joy and true nourishment.✔️
Homework Assignments to Address Emotional Eating: Individualized, guilt-free practices to recognize stress before it triggers emotional eating, and strategies to help you feel nourished in times of stress. ✔️
Relaxed Relationship with Food Toolbox: Tools and tips to support you in developing a relaxed experience with food and your body.✔️
Nourishment Inventory: Use this list to start spending your precious time and energy focused on what’s most important and enjoyable to you.✔️
Movement Practice: Discover a movement practice that is good for your health and that brings you joy.✔️
Gratitude Practice and Self-Love Meditation: Discover a sense of gratitude toward your body for what it does for you, and feel a deeper sense of self-worth.✔️
Email Follow-upSummary of homework and supplemental resources between sessions.✔️
Declarations/Affirmations: Instill positive, compassionate beliefs about food, body and self, replacing old, judgmental beliefs.✔️
Books, videos and other resourcesEnrich the learning between sessions to help you become a relaxed eater.✔️
Investment:*$999 (or 3 payments of $350)
* Flexible price and payment arrangements available

 Program is available in-person or virtually

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