Joanne’s Story

My passion is to help women become free from their obsession with their weight and achieving the perfect body. I spent years of my life unhappy with my body, searching for the perfect diet, seeing foods as “healthy” or “unhealthy,” and falling into a cycle of guilt and shame after eating “unhealthy” foods, making the daily experience of eating stressful. Through my own journey, I have learned nourishing practices that have created a relaxed experience with food and my body. I feel free and content and no longer spend my time and energy focused on how I look, and instead, focus on how I feel. My time is freed up for what truly nourishes me. I feel grateful to my body for what it does for me, and have a renewed sense of self-worth. It was only when I learned to have a relaxed experience with food and my body, and more compassion toward myself, that I was able to start fully living and thriving. As women, we have so much to enjoy and contribute to our lives, families and communities. You, too, can reclaim your precious time, energy and money and have a life that truly nourishes you.


Joanne Edinberg, founder and owner, Body Wisdom Nutrition, LLC

Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Tufts University

Master of Social Work, Boston University

Personalized one-on-one coaching (in-person and virtual sessions available) Support for health-conscious women to develop a positive and relaxed relationship with food and body, and help them find the inner wisdom to transform challenges with weight and body image into powerful opportunities for personal growth, so they can focus their precious time and energy on what truly nourishes them.

Joanne’s care and counsel encourage me to be kinder to myself and to have a more centered relationship with food.

She is amazingly supportive when you find yourself in a shame spiral due to your own or others’ expectations around your body and food.

Her work is driven by the notion of acceptance, and this principle/practice has been key in allowing me to know myself better, and acknowledge challenges without the usual judgement that can hold me back.

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